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About Me


Hello to everyone, a warm welcome to my website.
My name is Nirvana. I embraced the philosophy of oriental massage many years ago,

especially Ayurvedic massage from India and I have a unique way to work with energy.​

Doing massage is more than just a job, it's the art of taking care of others.

Massage helps mind, body and soul to find relief and escape from this stressful life to awaken our deep inner self. 

Relief from back pain, shoulder pain and trapezius pain.

Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Invigorates muscles and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

Helps manage anxiety and depression, and improves quality of sleep.

I’m a qualified therapist in the following fields, Ayurvedic massage, Holistic massage, Swedish deep tissue massage and Californian massage. 
I use warm or cold oil (as preferred), essential oils and sesame oil, aromatherapy and candles.

I'm available from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm. Last appointment is at 6pm but on request I can finish later.


"Massages are one of most ancient benefit for body&mind ."



Ayurvedic massage  belongs to the Indian tradition of the “science of life”. Ayu=life Veda=knowledge, it’s one of most ancient massage of the humanity originating over 5.000 years ago, and it is an indissoluble view of body and mind energy healing.

The practice of Ayurveda is an Holistic way of living that encompasses not just Ayurvedic massage, but also medicine, diet, yoga, meditation and herbal remedies.

The massage movements are tapping, kneading, and squeezing, as well a traditional massage strokes. I use warmed oil that contains therapeutic herbals, which, when the oil soaks into the skin will help to detoxify the body. You are encouraged to leave the oil on your skin as long as possible after the massage.

The Ayurvedic massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, has a beneficial effect on the spine, invigorates muscles and facilitates the elimination of the toxins, and has a positive effect on an individual’s state of mind, helps to pacify and harmonize mind and soul and improve the quality of the sleep.

Holistic massage  dates back to 1970 and has as it's purpose giving relief and stimulation of the process of bringing the energy meridians of oriental medicine into an equilibrium.

Stretch and Yoga  movements the first touch turned into a relaxing movements.

Holistic massage helps to reduce emotional stress, anxiety and muscular tension, relaxes mind and body.


Swedish deep tissue massage  is based on knowledge pertaining to the human anatomy and physiology, the core techniques involves body friction to heat up the area being treated, making the muscle supple and reducing their rigidity, 

Swedish deep tissue massage improve the tone with the stimulation of tissue, loosens the knots created by muscles tension.


Californian massage dates back to 1970 near S.Francisco. It owes it's existence to several group therapist that emerged from the USA that advocated and promoted liberation of the body, expression of emotions, general balance and wellbeing.

Technique was a developed and professional during the new age period when spiritual development and therapy was heavily explored in the US, before was introduced more widely to the rest of the world in the 80s.

the massage movements are fluid, slow, relaxing, thorough and stretching. The hands and arms works together in an harmonious choreography on the body and follow the body's meridian lines, reflex point and muscular traces. Californian massage helps general relaxation.


Nirvana Molghea

  15 Springfield drive 

 NP19 9EW Newport UK

Tel: +44 7480300680

I’m available  from Monday to Saturday

from 10am to 7pm last appointment at 6pm

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